Snow capped hummingbird

Belted kingfisher, female

Yellow-throated toucan

Roseate spoonbill back and sidelit

Purple gallinule

Black-bellied whistling duck grouping

Wood nymph

Great blue heron with water rat meal

Turquoise-browed motmot

Black-cowled oriole

Sandhill cranes at dawn

Golden-hooded tanager

Collared aracaris

Black-cheeked woodpecker

Sandhill cranes

Shining honeycreeper

Spectacled owl, juvenile

Resplendent quetzal

Great blue heron and a water snake meal. This was an epic battle

Resplendent quetzal

Resplendent quetzal

Pileated woodpecker

Bare-throated tiger heron along a river

Common black hawk

Bare-throated tiger heron

Tricolored heron

Boat-billed heron

Baltimore oriole

Smooth-billed ani, Florida

Fiery-throated hummingbird

Lineated woodpecker

Florida snail kite pair mating

Chestnut oropendola

Red-bellied woodpecker chick in nest

Young wood ducks

Red-legged honeycreeper

Great blue heron with invasive armored catfish

Green honeycreeper

Purple gallinule

Shining honeycreeper, male

Florida Barred Owl

Green honeycreeper, male

Florida scrub jay

Olive-backed euphonia

Green honeycreeper, juvenile

Red-bellied woodpecker, female, feeding chick

Brown-hooded parrot

Golden-hooded tanager

Baltimore oriole

Red-bellied woodpecker male

Keel-billed toucan

Florida snail kite, male

Collared aracari

Northern mockingbird

Wood duck, juvenile

Lesser ground cuckoo

Mirror, mirror, who's the fairest of them all?

Black-bellied whistling ducks 

Fiery-billed arcacari

Least bittern fishing

Spoonbill poses for the camera

Least bittern showing that long neck

Tricolored heron

Squabbling spoonbills

Yawning black-crowned night heron

Resplendent quetzal, female, with the small avocados they love

Lesser ground cuckoo

Florida snail kite, female

Green honeycreeper

Palm tanager

Very wet golden-hooded tanager

Anhinga with tilapia catch

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