Chestnut woodpecker

Montezuma oropendola in a rainstorm

Grey headed swamphen, Florida non-native

Wood stork chick in nest

Young tricolored heron in nest

Fledgling glossy ibis in nest

Outgoing double-crested cormorant

Broad-billed motmot

King vulture, juvenile

Yellow throated toucan

King vulture

Resplendent quetzal, male

Rivoli's (magnificent) hummingbird

Gray headed swamphen

Sun parakeet (conure), captive fledgling

Tricolored heron in breeding season

Green-cheeked parakeet, captive juvenile

Cattle egret in breeding season

Roseate spoonbill

Cattle egret

Green heron chick in nest

Yellow-crowned night heron

Tricolored heron

Yellow-crowned night heron

Belted kingfisher, juvenile female

Painted bunting, male

Northern cardinal, female

Common black hawk

Yellow-headed caracara, male

Bare-throated tiger heron

Boat-billed heron

Fiery-throated hummingbird

Scarlet macaw (wild)

Summer tanager, male

Keel-billed toucan

Collared aracari

Great curassow

Great blue heron

Thick-billed parrot (captive)

Blue-headed macaw (captive)

Great egret in breeding season

Burrowing owl

Cattle egret

Black-bellied whistling duck

Great egret with African jewelfish

Yellow-throated toucan

American coot. One of those incredible feet is visible

Pacific screech owl

Lesser ground cuckoo

Young female belted kingfisher

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